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Eating out in St Mawes & on the Roseland

Eating out Roseland, Cornwall

Eating Out on The Roseland, Cornwall

There is a huge variety of places to eat on the Roseland from little takeaways to highly respected restaurants.  Naturally with the sea on our doorstep, you can expect to see lots of seafood on the menus, with Scallops, Crab, Mussels & Oysters during their season.  But don't ignore the superb Cornish meat.  Beef & lamb are particularly good in Cornwall and the dairy products, particularly our local cheeses are just fantastic.

Over the last 12 months, we have eaten at most of the places mentioned.  This guide is only our personal opinion and you might have different opinions about the venue, style of food and level of budget! Our views are formed not just by our own experiences, but also by those of our family, friends and past customers who have expressed their opinions.

Don't forget that as the Lonely Planet books always say, prices go up and things change.  Proprietors come and go, particularly during the current economic climate.  Please do contact us with any suggestions and recommendations you may have for eating out on the Roseland.