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Beaches on the Roseland Peninsula

Towan Beach, Roseland, Cornwall

Beaches on The Roseland, Cornwall 

Please always check tides before going to the beach most beaches on the Roseland are reduced to a narrow sliver of sand at high tides. You will find a tide timetables in most properties, but if not, they are widely and freely available.  Always check the state of the tides, arriving at a beach to find it entirely flooded is a dire disappointment to children and adults alike!

St Mawes and the Roseland has a number of good beaches. On the Carrick Roads side (facing Falmouth) they are mostly pebbly, but this is where you will find the evening sun and the most protected beaches. From St Anthony Head and up the east coast of the peninsula the beaches are sandy, and the morning sun is glorious, but they can be a little more exposed with certain wind directions.

The wind is also something you should pay attention to!  Check out our weather forecast page for an idea of wind directions.  If the wind is over 10mph (8 knots) and the beach is exposed, you might find it a little uncomfortable,  The great thing about beaches on the Roseland is that there is pretty much a beach for every wind direction.  If you can find the protected ones, they are total sun traps!  We have listed the appropriate wind direction for each beach along with its description.

PLEASE NOTE that tide movements around the Roseland are strong, and that the tide can come in much faster than most people expect. Every year holidaymakers in Cornwall face dangerous situations because this is not kept in mind. The currents can run hard, and small children and dogs must never be left unattended. There are no lifeguards on any of the Roseland beaches.